Hello All!,
My name is Tiffany AKA SUPER STAR! And I am the beauty of BEAUTIFFANY.COM I am an aspiring model & actress in the east coast area who is always willing to travel! Currently I have auditioned in numerous locations such as LA, NY, ATL & NJ to name a few. I see my next destinations to be international; Paris, London, Italy, Egypt and Hong Kong. In this new year there isn’t anything I can’t accomplish! Being in the entertainment industry it is key to have a passport, the sole reason being you may never know when a job calls from over seas. During my leisure time I love to read, spend time with friends & family and hang out at lounges or movies. I believe it is very important to have fun all the while putting in the hard work needed to reach my end goals. Perseverance is a strong quality I portray and it pays off in my book. I always remember to be myself no matter what I am doing or where I am at… Once you are around me long enough you will see that I am a silly person and that alone seems to make people gravitate towards me…!

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